Day 1 

  • The European Green Deal – policies and activism for rivers

Claire Baffert, WWF EPO


  • Fighting river and coastal pollution 

Gaëlle Haut, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Plastic origins (app)  

Ocean Week 

Ewa Leś, Coalition Clean Baltic

Crowdfunding for Odra river by Fundacja Ekorozwoju 

Petition to protect Odra river  

Petition for Lower Odra valley as a riverine national park 

  • Anglers and outdoor allies fighting for river

Dan Yates, Save our Rivers

Åsa Renman &  Nils Harley Boisen, The Norwegian Biodiversity Network

Sampsa Vilhunen, WWF Finland

#DamBusters – The Start of the Riverlution

  • Your river – your fight. River activism around Europe 

Bettina Urbanek, WWF Austria

Petition to stop Ausbau Kraftwerk Kaunertal   

Małgorzata Górska, OTOP

Campaign to save Polesia    

Day 2 

  • Youth activism & Rivers

Alessandro Caretto, Youth for the Rhine

Get in touch with Youth For the Rhine

Email ​ 

Giulia Testa, Global Youth Biodiversity Network Europe

Generation Climate Europe 

GYBN Europe

European Young Rewilders

Rewilding Europe

  • Funding and support for river restoration and protection

Federico de Filippi, Europe Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

LIFE Calls for proposals (Planned opening – Spring 2023)  

Danube river basin lighthouse –Protection and restoration of wetlands, flood plains, coastal wetlands and salt marshes and their biodiversity (check call 2023)

Open rivers programme (Call opening on 21st October)

  • River heroes & Dambusters – promising tools for river activism 

Pao Fernández Garrido, World Fish Migration Foundation

Pao Fernandez Garrido

Open Rivers programme  

#DamBusters – The Start of the Riverlution 

  • Science-led initiatives for rivers

Gary Wockner, River Warrior

Tell The Dam Truth 

Andrea Goltara, CIRF

Free Flowing Rivers

Heather Bond, Wetlands International Europe

Trans-European Swimways Programme

Ewa Leś, Coalition Clean Baltic

River University (Coalition Clean Baltic) 

  • Celebrating our successes – permanent protection for Europe’s rivers

Besjana Guri, EcoAlbania

Petition for the Vjosa National Park

  • Communicating the power of free-flowing rivers 

Camila Kuncar, Iberian Centre For River Restoration

Caminar el agua (podcast)

  • MAVA Foundation legacy for Mediterranean rivers 

Lorena Segura, Tour du Valat

Mediterranean alliance for wetlands

Alexandra Pappa, MedINA


Teresa Zuna, Wetlands International Europe


Additional resources and contacts from participants

Alexandra Pappa

MedINA, Greece




Feedback: The 3rd European River Summit that took place in Brussels was one of the most inspiring and interesting events I’ve been! All those participants, speakers, and rivers defenders give me hope for a better future for world’s lifelines, rivers! Until then, Let It Flow!


Athénaïs Georges




Aurora Piroviq

Well Point





Elisa Cozzarini

Free rivers Italia


Emir Delić

Una National Park




Ewa Leś

Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), Koalicja Ratujmy Rzeki/SaveThe Rivers coalition (KRR), Polish Ecological Club


Feedback: We are river family supporting each other. This is the way to go.


Henk Zingstra

Wetlands International


Melissa Latella

Politecnico di Torino



Paria Bagheri

University of Florence



Teresa Zuna

Wetlands International Europe


Feedback: Great work team!!!


Ulrich Eichelmann



Vera Knook

River Collective


Feedback: Such amazing vibes, and good sharing of experiences. Super hard timewise probably, but some interactive elements would have been welcome. Overall though, amazing job in fitting sooo many stories into such a short timeframe, and bringing together that many interesting river lovers.


Wouter Langhout

Frankfurt Zoological Society


Zuzana Vachunova





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